Enter Infrared Braai

Enter Infrared Braai

There’s a new contender in the age old debate that’s bound to cause a flare-up among South African Braaimasters.

Infrared may turn the entire argument of Gas vs Wood vs Charcoal on its head.

Infrared is a new concept of Braaing that’s emerging from Europe and the US, which argues that traditional direct heat cooking methods dry out food. quotes “When meat dries, the Butcher cries”.

This video from the manufacturers of the Char Broil Braai explains why their Tru-Infrared™ is better:


European Braai manufacturer, CampinGaz have developed a similar technology, patented under the name Radiant-Burner-System® (RBS) which promises the same benefits, as seen in the following video: explains the Thermodynamics of Coooking and reviews many new products on the Braai market every month.

Infrared cooking isn’t limited to gas, and doesn’t have to be an expensive product-linked option. US Based GrillGrates™ have developed Infrared Grids that can be used on any existing braai, gas or charcoal. This offers inexpensive access to Infrared braaing technology to all and sundry.

In their video, they use Thermal Imaging cameras to show quite nicely how Infrared braaing really works:


Braaishop™ is an accredited reseller of both the CampinGaz and CharBroil range of Infrared Braai’s, but we’ve also ordered a GrillGrate™ for our trusty Weber 57cm, and will post a demo and review as soon as we receive it.


Until next time, Play with Fire™

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