The Caveman / Dirty Steak

The Caveman / Dirty Steak

The Braaishop Way

As the name suggests, the Caveman or Dirty Steak is braaid / grilled / cooked, if you will, directly on the coals. We did our own little test, the results were phenomenal – watch our video clip, fresh from the Braaishop™ Test Kitchen. A must-try for the Paleo Diet peeps!

Since the making of the video, we’ve experimented some – key pointers:

– Wait until the coal is absolutely covered in ash – you’ll need to wait longer when using briquettes

– Use only fresh steak – Defrosted is no good, it retains too much water

– Extend the initial curing / drying process (after salting) in cold or damp weather. It’s better to place the steak on a wire rack to ensure that both sides cure equally

– Don’t cheat on the standing time, you’d be amazed how the magic happens inside the tinfoil!


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