Goodbye Weber One-Touch Premium, Hello MasterTouch

The new Weber Master-Touch vs. One-Touch Premium

The One-Touch has long been the flagship in the Weber 57cm Kettle Braai line-up. Those who use them, love them.

Weber South Africa is phasing out the OneTouch, and bringing in the all new Master-Touch in its place.

Braaishop™ is the first retailer in South Africa to offer the new MasterTouch 57cm Braai System.

The MasterTouch incorporates all the features of the OneTouch, but features the Gourmet Grid system and sports a nifty tuck-away lid design. Most importantly, the MasterTouch comes in four brand new colours – colours that’ve only been introduced into the Weber stable with the launch of the new MasterTouch.

A Side by side feature comparison:



The R 571.00 price premium on the MasterTouch seems a bit steep, but then you are buying new technology, which as we know, comes at a price. “Cheap things not good, Good things not cheap”.

In case you’re still wondering why the One-Touch Premium costs so much more than the Standard One-Touch Silver, the following video runs through all the added features that sets the Premium aside from its little brother (no sexism intended, we all know braais are boys :) )

The New Weber MasterTouch and all its accessories are available online from, as well as in Braaishop™ retail stores.

Until next time, Play with Fire™

Team Braaishop™

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