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First eCommerce Site In South Africa to go Live With Zapper eCommerce Payments

Braaishop™ isn’t just about awesome Braai Products, Advice & Service. It’s a philosophy; a philosophy about building a business that leverages the best of breed technology to deliver a 5 Star Experience to its customers – External Customers (Shoppers & Consumers), and Internal Customers (Franchises). All our systems provide Android and / or Apple Apps, allowing us to be in constant contact with the business, the franchisees and most importantly, the customer.

From day 1, back in March 2014 when we set out to become South Africa’s First and Only truly dedicated “Braai Shop”, we built every system and platform to be highly available, scale-able and safe – and tested these as a customer before introducing them into the business – eat your own dog food kind of a thing.

Braaishop™ has been an early adopter, and / or Beta Testing site of / for (no specific order):

The significant investment and early buy-in we’ve made in these technologies ensures that our customers, whether internal or external, enjoy an interaction with Braaishop™, free from limitation, geographical location or fixed trade hours. An additional bonus that has been realized, is the minimized effect of Load Shedding on our business operations as we continue to trade despite the current energy crisis in South Africa.

It is with much excitement, fanfare and pride that we announce, and welcome aboard our newest partner – Zapper, which aims to offer a friction-less online checkout process. Shoppers simply download and configure the app from Zapper onto their mobile device and Zap the QRCode provided during checkout, negating the need to register or waste time filling in checkout information. The information is received from your Zapper profile and your checkout is securely processed and completed.

Zapper is the best thing to happen to secure, card-less payment since Braai Broodjies. Shop – Zap – Braai!

Preliminary research indicates that Zapper is set to become the world’s next fastest-growing, and most rapidly adopted payment system. Braaishop™ is proud to lead South African eCommerce into the friction-less payment era.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our technology partners for their dedication, passion and early investment in Braaishop™ – Without them, the dream would still be a mere day dream, but here we are, two years on. Thanks to all of you! Providing the technology and support to help us manage an average of 4.5 million website hits per month, our online orders, an average of 150 calls per day, procurement, Retail and Point Of Sale, Payroll & HR, Shipping and Logistics is not a small ask.

Happy Zapping, and until next time, Play with Fire™

Team Braaishop™

Unsure of how to get started with Zapper? Watch the video, and learn more by clicking the image below:








Q: What is Zapper?

A: Zapper is a new form of payment method that allows you to make a payment from your smart phone or tablet by simply scanning a QRCode. No need to carry your card around, or hand it over to a 3rd party that could skim or clone the card. If you don’t carry your card with you, you can’t lose it either!


Q: What is a QRCode?

A: A QRCode is a unique 3 Dimensional image that is linked to an action, in this case, a mobile payment. When a QRCode is scanned from an app on your smart device, in this case, the Zapper App, the Zapper App will send encrypted card information facilitating a frictionless payment.


Q: Is Zapper Safe?

A: Zapper is one of the safest ways to transact. The card information stored on your smart phone or tablet is encrypted using the latest encryption technology. By not having to carry a card with you, you eliminate many risks we face today as VISA or MasterCard users. Your card information is always transmitted in encrypted format. The merchant never receives or stores any of your card information on it’s servers.


Q: Who can I pay with Zapper?

A: Any merchant, restaurant, hair dresser, taxi etc. that displays the Zapper logo and QRCode.


Q: How do I know whom I am paying?

A: When triggered, the App will prompt you with a confirmation. Ensure that the information displayed is that of the Zapper Merchant you want to pay.


Q: Do I earn rewards on my payments?

A: Technically, Zapper is no different to a normal speedpoint POS terminal. Whether you’re an eBucks, Vitality, ABSA Rewards etc. member, you will earn the points and rewards you would by swiping your actual card, inline with your programmes reward system.


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