My all-round compliments on the product and your shop

I’ve been using my CharGriller PatioPro #1515 now for a couple of months and think it is high-time to give you some feedback, and if you don’t mind, my all-round compliments on the product and your shop. Having lived in North and South America, as well as real Africa, this old man has assembled a vast array of equipment in his life, from tin cans to precision machinery. Putting together my PatioPro was a most enjoyable excursion, accomplished on some cardboard laid flat on Wify’s (tiled) lounge floor. I could not help, a number of times, but gasp out aloud: ‘Man, these guys know how to manufacture a braai!’ The quality is impressive! As my PatioPro is now well cured and ‘burned-in’, I can confidently say I’m completely happy with it. Outstanding, to me, are the cast-iron grids and the very nice cast-iron grid-lifter supplied to easily handle them, hot or cold. I use a natural hard-wood charcoal from Mozambique, and am still learning to cut back drastically on the amount I was previously accustomed to using on an open braai. The cylindrical design gives excellent heat circulation. Together with a practical placement of regulating vents, this this griller provides tremendous flexibility for braaing, roasting or baking a wide array of foods. And the sliding fire/ash tray with its fire-grid makes it soooooh easy to shut down/dump and clean! May I compliment you, particularly, on the way you deal with your customers, taking time to hear their needs/wants/circumstances, looking with them, through their eyes as it were, for a satisfactory solution/product. Accept, please, a hearty ‘well done!’ and sincere expression of appreciation from this happy customer.