Mbaula Green S/S Braai Stove


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Mbaula Green S/S Braai Stove

Stainless Steel Mbaula Green for everyday use.

The stainless steel Mbaula Green includes a fitted grill for braaing and a pot rest suitable for pots, pans and a three leg “potjie” (pot). The special clay liner ensures that you reduce your burning fuel required by up to 50%, saving you time, money and electricity. The ventilated bottom of the Mbaula Green ensures that it does not burn the surface. Cook a meal with the Mbaula Green by using 5 – 12 pieces of charcoal or 3 pieces of wood.

Feautres & Benefits:

Your complete stove and grill wrapped in a compact, energy-efficient package!

The Mbaula Green is ideal for camping, travelling or daily use and easily transported in a bag. This enery-efficient, portable stove lends itself to a variety of cooking methods, such as cooking in a pot, a pan or even a quick braai. It is also much safer than paraffin or gas stoves and uses only 7 – 15 pieces of charcoal to cook a meal for a family! Choose between galvanised or stainless steel Mbaula Green and join the growing number of outdoor lovers and camping enthusiasts who are discovering the eco-friendly benefits of the Mbuala Green.

Versatile Cooker & Grill

The Mbaula Green has two standard fittings, a stainless steel grill and a stainless steel pot spacer. These stainless steel fittings clip into the Mbaula Green and can be used to cook, fry or braai!

The Innovative Design

The Mbaula Green is fitted with a robust, heat-absorbing liner. The unique liner is heated by the burning fuel, once hot, it optimizes the heat of the Mbaula Green. The cermaic liner significantly reduces burning fuel required which in turn reduces smoke emission; decreasing costs, carbon footprint and health risks.

Using the Mbaula Green

Simply place burning fuel such as wood, charcoal or any other biomass in the clay liner. Once the burning fuel is lit, the clay liner absorbs the heat and becomes really hot.

The temperature can be regulated, according to personal preference, by adjusting the air ventilation door.
The Mbaula Green is suitable to cook in a pot or pan, a braai can also be enjoyed on the special fitted grill.
The economic stove uses between 7 – 15 pieces of charcoal to cook or braai.
The Mbaula Green is portable, user-friendly, easy to maintain and ideal for travelling, camping or daily use.

Environmental Benefits:

The traditional open fire method of cooking results in inefficient combustion and creates smoke, affecting health and air pollution.

The Mbaula Green’s clay liner acts as the perfect heat insulator, which ultimately requires less burning fuel to generate high temperatures for cooking.
Less burning fuel means less smoke emission and therefore reduces carbon footprint.
Our natural environment benefits greatly as deforestation and air pollution is reduced by the limited wood or charcoal usage.
Mbaula Green does not only bring relief to the environment, but it is also a very cost effective method of cooking.

This economic concept uses one third of the wood or charcoal one would usually use to prepare a meal; saving the user time and money.

The Mbaula Green is a perfect alternative for expensive electric cooking appliances.

Safety Instructions:

Usage Instructions:

Place wood or charcoal inside the inner lining.
Ensure that the ventilation inlet is completely open before lighting the fire.
The liner acts as an insulator reducing the amount wood or charcoal required.
Additional wood or charcoal can be added for prolonged cooking.
Once coals have been formed, place cooking appliance on top of the pot rests.
Do not exceed the maximum weight of 15 kilograms.
Manually adjust the ventilation inlet to regulate the heat.
Close the ventilation inlet to extinguish the fire.
Clean Mbaula before re-use. The ceramic inner of the Mbaula Green can be rinsed with water before re-use.
Do not use abrasives to clean exterior.

Safety Warning.

Use in well-ventilated area.
Burning wood or charcoal emits carbon monoxide which has no odour.
Never leave stove unattended and keep out of reach of children.
Touching the exterior can cause burns when hot.

Additional Information

Weight 8 kg

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